CarrierFlightArriving FromScheduledStatus
Delta Airlines7651Calgary11:42 PM Delayed 12:11 AM
WestJet455Calgary11:42 PM Delayed 12:11 AM
Island Express400Nanaimo8:15 AM On Time 8:15 AM
Island Express300Victoria8:30 AM On Time 8:30 AM
WestJet3305Calgary9:24 AM On Time 9:24 AM
Swoop Airline257Edmonton9:33 AM On Time 9:33 AM
WestJet637Calgary12:17 PM On Time 12:17 PM
Swoop Airline401Winnipeg1:20 PM On Time 1:20 PM
Swoop Airline121Edmonton2:03 PM On Time 2:03 PM
Swoop Airline221London2:05 PM On Time 2:05 PM
Island Express302Victoria2:15 PM On Time 2:15 PM
KLM Airlines9772Calgary4:47 PM On Time 4:47 PM
Delta Airlines7589Calgary4:47 PM On Time 4:47 PM
WestJet191Calgary4:47 PM On Time 4:47 PM
Island Express305Victoria5:40 PM On Time 5:40 PM
Island Express404Nanaimo6:05 PM On Time 6:05 PM
(Last updated: Tuesday, November 19, 2019 11:01 PM)

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