CarrierFlightArriving FromScheduledStatus
Pacific Shuttle-Surrey, Langley8:20 PM Arrived 8:20 PM
Flair Airlines607Calgary7:35 PM Arrived 8:22 PM
Ebus-Kamloops, Kelowna8:45 PM Arrived 8:45 PM
WestJet3233Calgary11:30 PM Early 11:06 PM
Pacific Shuttle-Surrey, Langley8:10 AM On Time 8:10 AM
Ebus-Vancouver8:20 AM On Time 8:20 AM
Flair Airlines612Ottawa8:45 AM On Time 8:45 AM
WestJet193Calgary9:59 AM On Time 9:59 AM
Pacific Shuttle-Surrey, Langley1:15 PM On Time 1:15 PM
Ebus-Kamloops, Kelowna1:20 PM On Time 1:20 PM
Flair Airlines604Edmonton1:30 PM On Time 1:30 PM
WestJet3381Calgary1:45 PM On Time 1:45 PM
Swoop Airline109Hamilton2:58 PM On Time 2:58 PM
Ebus-Vancouver3:40 PM On Time 3:40 PM
WestJet379Calgary3:49 PM On Time 3:49 PM
Pacific Shuttle-Surrey, Langley4:15 PM On Time 4:15 PM
WestJet3349Calgary7:25 PM On Time 7:25 PM
Reliable Bus118Vancouver8:10 PM On Time 8:10 PM
Pacific Shuttle-Surrey, Langley8:20 PM On Time 8:20 PM
Ebus-Kamloops, Kelowna8:45 PM On Time 8:45 PM
Swoop Airline207Edmonton8:47 PM On Time 8:47 PM
Flair Airlines602Calgary10:45 PM On Time 10:45 PM
WestJet3445Calgary11:40 PM On Time 11:40 PM
(Last updated: Wednesday, August 04, 2021 10:06 PM)

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