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Investment & Development

Geographically, Abbotsford International Airport represents the primary piece of air transportation infrastructure for the Fraser Valley region, which is one of the fastest growing regions in Canada. Abbotsford’s population has more than doubled since 1981. Furthermore, the population of the Fraser Valley has grown even more markedly with Mission and Chilliwack growing at over 10% since 2001. Growth to YXX will be a necessary element of meeting the needs of the community and the Fraser Valley going forward.

YXX derives its revenue from lease income on airport property, aeronautical fees from commercial aviation, airport concession fees from commercial operations in the passenger terminal and public parking. The airport’s largest individual tenants are WestJet Airlines, and Conair Aviation/Cascade Aerospace. The airport is owned and operated by the City of Abbotsford and is one of the community’s most significant assets and icons.

In addition to being the quick and hassle-free alternative to Vancouver International Airport for passengers, YXX has various other advantages relative to its competitor airports. The YXX aeronautical fee structure gives it a significant economic advantage. Specifically, one aircraft rotation for a 737-700 costs half as much at YXX than at Vancouver International Airport. YXX parking rates are less than half of those at other major full-service airports in the region. In addition, unlike many smaller regional airports located in the region, YXX is a full-service international airport with advanced instrumentation infrastructure and a 9,600 foot runway.

More importantly, however, Abbotsford International Airport and the City of Abbotsford are both highly motivated to attract new aerospace developments to its facility. YXX is an airport that is “open for business” and supports the development of the aerospace industry in Abbotsford through:

  1. Attracting and being receptive to aerospace-related initiatives that build on or complement the existing economic base;
  2. Facilitating the development of programs and businesses engaged in training, in-service support, manufacture and development of aerospace platforms;
  3. Supporting the development and training of skilled human capital;
  4. Enhancing the national presence of Abbotsford-based aerospace and advanced technology stakeholders, and;
  5. Creating the necessary conditions for a viable and healthy management, economic and business environment through city and airport-based initiatives, incentives and networking opportunities.

Both the Airport and the City of Abbotsford are highly motivated to work with any prospective partner to develop aerospace at YXX. Varying levels of incentives can be made available depending on the nature and scope of the business opportunity both from the City and the Airport.