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Abbotsford -

Lost and Found

Lost, Delayed, or Damaged Baggage

Travelers must contact the airline directly for information or assistance related to lost, delayed, or damaged baggage, or for lost items left on an airplane.

Airline Operator Assistance Website
WESTJET 1-866-666-6224
View WestJet's Lost, Delayed, or Damaged Baggage Webpage
SWOOP 1-587-441-1001  View Swoop's Baggage Webpage
FLAIR AIRLINES 1-855-936-5656 or email
View Flair Airlines' Delayed, Damaged, Lost bags Webpage

Terminal Lost & Found

For articles lost in the terminal building, on the airport property, or at the security pre-board screening, please fill out the online form and provide the following:

    - A description of the item & contents
    - Where it was lost
    - When it was lost 

YXX Airport staff will make every attempt to locate the lost item. If the item is found, and its' ownership can be verified, the owners may pick it up in person or designate a friend or family member to pick it up; we do not mail lost & found items.

The Abbotsford International Airport does not take any responsibility for damages to lost & found items.

All lost & found items will only be stored for 30 days before they are donated to charity, except electronics, which will be stored for 60 days prior to being donated.

If lost & found items containing identification (e.g. wallets and purses) are found, Airport staff will attempt to contact the owner. If all attempts to contact the owner are unsuccessful, the item will be turned into the Abbotsford Police Department (604-859-5225) located at 2838 Justice Way. 

Please note, all passports will be placed in the nearest Canada Post mailbox after 48 hours.

For lost luggage or articles left on an airplane, please contact the airline.

For articles left in a taxi or rental car, please contact the company directly.